What’s In A Family Photoshoot?


Understanding why a client wants a family photoshoot session and what they want to get out of it are so important to making sure the client receives the photographs they were hoping for. 


Clients come to me with a whole range of reasons for their family session and what they want to get from it. It may be a family gathering that they want to remember, or a realisation that their little ones are not so little any more and they want to capture them before they really grow up, they may have a space on the wall that is begging for a nice family photograph, or they may have received the session as a gift from a friend. They may want something quite formal and posed, they might want to just go out to the local park and have fun, they may want to be more creative, they may want lots of pictures of themselves with the children - or more often they might say they only want pictures of only the children and not of themselves. 


The more I can understand of the why and what behind the session, the better I am able to deliver what the client wants - so before the session takes place I start with a chat or a visit to understand what the client wants from the session. 


Let’s start with that chat - call me on 07740 399623 to talk about what you want. 


I only book one session per day so that there’s no rush and we have all the time we need to get the right photographs. A session costs £150 on weekdays and £175 at the weekend, and includes three large fine art prints from the gallery of photographs from your session.