Wedding Photography in Kent*, by Adrian Clarke


(* That's Kent, UK, but I am ready to travel wherever!)

I love wedding photography and shooting weddings. Give me a call and I'll tell you all about it!

That is not really the main point though is it? You're looking around for a wedding photographer (I'm guessing that is why you're here?), and so I'd better give you what I think you need to help narrow down your selection.

First - and most importantly - and probably trumping most other reasons put together, is "what are the pictures like?". You may have seen some of my photographs already, but here are links to a few galleries:


Phoebe and Justin

Kim and Mike

Gabby and Jonny

Rynd and Anne


You should be able to see my personal style and a pretty good measure of what photographs you can expect from your wedding day in those galleries.

Assuming I pass the "do we like his pictures" test, I'd suggest we have a chat. Whoever you choose as your photographer, you'll be seeing a lot of them on the day. It's a very special day and it's also pretty busy, so you probably want to make sure you get on reasonably well with your photographer!

Friends and family would describe me as pretty chilled and not very flappable. I reckon those are good attributes for a photographer at a wedding. My professional photography has developed through shooting babies, children and families, and I still do all those things. I don't shoot weddings exclusively, and I don't shoot weddings every weekend, but I do take ideas from one event over into another and I certainly don't get bored of any of the things I do. I treat wedding photography very seriously though - the pictures I take will form a large part of your memories of the day in years to come, and I strive to make sure that the full story is recorded, with all the excitement, laughter, tears and emotion of the day.

So, yes, you want someone who is out to get the best pictures of your day, but really I don't think you need someone getting in your way, stressing you out and making your day difficult. That's not going to help anyone. I've been known to make teas and coffees when the bride is getting ready, and sort out buttonholes before the ceremony. It's not my main job, but if I have time and if it helps keep people happy and helps get the pictures then it makes sense to me. But my tea making is better than my buttonhole skills.

Like many photographers these days I prefer a reportage style, meaning I don't like to interfere with the events of the day too much and prefer to be ready to catch the moments as they happen. I do like to take some posed family and group shots, and to take a little time with the bride and groom alone while the reception is underway, but I don't want to take too long over it. Most people like some formal shots, and I believe it's worth taking a little time to do them during the day. If you really want some elaborate formal shots, let's do that too - but only if you want to. Apart from that, my style is to predict, react and be ready to capture the spirit of the day.

I also like to make sure we get a chance to get together before the big day, and so offer an engagement shoot as part of the package. This is a good opportunity to meet up, spend an hour or two with eachother, and get some shots of you both while we are all relaxed. There are some pictures from Gabby and Jonny's engagement shoot here.

The rates

I charge £1100 for a full day's coverage (that is from the bride getting ready through to the first dance and a bit of the evening reception). I reckon on about 8 hours of photography, but if it's a little more that's not a problem. I'm not going to leave just before the cake is cut just because 8 hours have passed! After I have edited the pictures you receive:

- a DVD of the full resolution images for you to make your own prints at no extra charge. You can expect to recieve at least 200 photographs from a full day shoot.

- twenty large (10x8 or 12x8) colour prints from the day

- a private online gallery of your pictures for friends and family to view and order prints if they wish.

I aim to have the pictures ready within four weeks of the wedding.

If you want my assistance in making further prints, canvasses or wedding albums, I am happy to help and we can discuss that before or after the wedding.

So, where next...?

Let's talk! Where, when and what. Use the contact page to get in touch, or call me on 07740 399623. Full terms, the contract, optional extras such as wedding albums and all that are best discussed by phone or email.