A sunny birthday celebration in Kent

October 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_16AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_16Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent


Birthday celebrations don't stop when you finish primary school - they just get bigger, more fun and have so much more to do. This was a fabulous vintage tea party themed birthday celebration, accompanied with loads of great garden games and a big dollop of Kentish sunshine to top it off.


AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_09AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_09Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_07AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_07Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_12AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_12Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent


The whole party went very well. Welcome drinks before moving to the beautifully decorated marquee where a full vintage tea spread was all laid out - so very civilised! A few speeches, a grand cake, and then outside for garden games.

My job was to capture the spirit and fun of the party and all the games without getting in the way, and also to get a few posed group portraits as memories of a great day. In addition to taking the photos, I was also asked to put a number of photobooks together as a keepsake from the day. 

If you're having (or organising) a party for someone, don't forget to think about getting a photographer along to record the fun for you. It saves you missing out on the party while you take photos yourself, and allows you to share great party photographs with all your guests.


AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_02AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_02Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_06AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_06Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_03AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_03Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_08AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_08Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_04AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_04Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_05AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_05Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_01AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_01Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_10AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_10Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_11AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_11Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_15AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_15Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_13AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_13Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_14AdrianClarkePhotography_family_party_July_14Family party photography Sevenoaks Kent


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